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Best Smith Machines for Your Home Workout

The Smith Machine creation goes back to the 1950 when Mr. Rudy Smith perfectioned the sliding apparatus drawing put together by Mr. Jack LaLanne.

At the beginning of the ’80 mostly every major gym adopted one, and many big actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Lou Ferrigno used it as part of their daily training.

Strangely enough, this type of machine has been criticised for decades (mainly for its multipurpose) but It is still one the  most popular machine in the gym, nowadays  In fact, in every gym you walk into you find at least one, if no two of them.

At first sight, the Smith machine appears to be limited,  especially if you “want to hit hard and leave the gym” point of view.  Home gym smith machine offers a lot of guidance and support and because of its limited range of motion not all the muscle can be engaged.
On the positive side we can give credit to this machine for its safetiness,  allowing the user to have a spotter. The safety pins and various hooks, this machine allows to newbie in the gym to try out on a safety equipment before they can do something more difficult like using free weighs.
In terms of exercise, the Smith Machine  does well in isolating muscles allowing you  to switch grip from benching to squatting easily and in a safely manner.
The feeling and judgement about this machine is controversial as for some It is useless and personally believe It is good when you start out your home gym smith machine workouts. For others, instead, find it as a complete machine bringing a lot to the exercise table.  For me you can’t  go wrong with that.

Below are the best smith machines for their convenience and complete range of exercise they able to deliver to their customers.

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The Marcy Smith Cage Workout is a very versatile machine able to cater for all of your weight training program needs, and fair to say, its variety in exercises is almost unparalleled in its price range.

It offers a comprehensive number of exercises to train both legs or back; however, this product could be better adopting a pull-up bar and a leg press machine.

The combination of exercise, free weights, and a cable machine will encourage and help your body to get an efficient and functional workout pretty much the same as going to your health club.

The solid frame and basic parts allow for simple maintenance and care, the bench and pads are high quality and won’t rip easily as long as your wearing appropriate gym wear.

The added accessories for the cables are a good bonus but I strongly recommend purchasing a solid Olympic bar and weight plates, along with collars. You will be able to store all of these extras neatly and safely on the machine.

The Marcy Eclipse HG3000 Compact Home Gym provides you with a complete workout, all in the comfort of your own house or garage. This mid-price machine permits you to practice a large variety of workouts that will work on all parts of your body, the heavy gauge steel frame giving the home gym the dependable and durable feel that Marcy have known for.

The HG3000 includes a prime pulley gadget with a lateral bar, a low pulley gadget with a directly bar, leg extensions with foam rollers for extra convenience, a twin serve as chest press and percent dec aggregate. It also includes a weight stack of 150 kilos (68kg) with a selector pin, making weight variation in particular fast and simple. Your home gym will make use of this 2000 lb machine for lengthy lasting use.

This system looks gorgeous in black and red colour scheme.  There are many home gym system in the market at lower price but the solid and reliable material of this machine is well worth the price as you will know this “gift of yours” is built to last.  Besides, the sizes: 91 x 172cm will not take much space in your room. 


An excellent Smiths machine for the newbie and fanatic alike. 3.5″ spherical and 1.5″ x 3″ heavy responsibility metal tube body development in a graceful brushed steel end make the MWM1282 the very best combine of fashion and substance. Smiths body options linear bearings at the lifting equipment for frictionless lifting, four olympic weight plate storage posts and low and high pulley stations. Unbiased weight bench with twin leg developer supplies leg extension and leg curl purposes. Detachable bench is totally adjustable for incline, decline, flat and armed forces positions and contours transportation wheels and handy deal with to permit stroll in squat capacity.    Nice and easy in fact It takes 3 hours approximately  to assemble, including unpacking and clearing up.  The only downside is the low cable that could have done it with more easy reaching, I would say a “bit of design flaw” but overall It is a good, well priced machine!

Further Options Seat pad: Mounted in a single place (no longer adjustable).Again pad: Adjustable to 6 positions.

Foam curler pads: Prime density foam with vinyl wrapping.
Protection weight shroud: Protects the burden stack and secludes it from kids.

Weight stack lock: Aggregate lock prevents kids the use of the health club when no longer in use. Fast unlock clip on chains: Can be utilized to regulate the duration of the health club attachments. Adjustable cable pressure: Prevents any slack for immediate resistance.Framework: 14 gauge five x five cm metal body. Upholstery: 2 inch thick field stitched padded upholstery for beef up and luxury.Paint end: Energy lined chip resistant end. Information rods: Cast metal 1 inch diameter for constant weight plate monitoring.Cables: 2000 lb tensile energy plane cables for lengthy lasting use. Approximate self-assembly time: 6-Eight hours. Protection Certification This machine has been manufactured to agree to the EN-957 world protection requirements, the design has been examined for weight loading,  inch issues, shear hazards, pull in and trapping hazards and identical hazards, which can rise up right through use of health apparatus.

Yet another great mid range house gym choice for you to consider is the Marcy MKM-81010 Home Gym. It instantly up weight training oriented home gym with 200 kilos of weight integrated within the enclosed stack. This item is supposed that will help you gain muscle and do so rapid, to not point out that additionally it is very durable, solid, and comfortable too.

he Marcy MKM-81010 Stack Home Gym is indeed a really good mid range home gym model to go with. Why is that?

One of the best parts about the Marcy MKM-81010 Stack Home Gym is that it is built to last and built to be durable. The steel tube frame is very strong and durable in order to hold up a whole lot of user weight. The Marcy MKM-81010 Stack Home Gym also has a wide base for ultimate stability. Moreover, all of the cables, pulleys, and connectors are built to withstand lots of wear and tear. Moreover, the weight stack is enclosed in a metal housing to keep them as well as yourself as safe as can be, not to mention that the weights are vinyl coated. Furthermore, the seat and backrest feature double thick padding and a vinyl coating for ultimate comfort and durability.

Another thing that we really like about the Marcy MKM-81010 200 lb. Stack Home Gym is that it comes with a large number of exercise options. The low pulley and hand grips allow for seated rows and other body workouts. The multi-grip lat bar allows for pull up-like exercises and several other upper body exercises.

Moreover, the Marcy MKM-81010 Stack Home Gym features a dual function arm developer for presses and flies, plus it has a dual function leg developer too. In fact, the dual function arm developer can be used both when facing the machine and when facing away from it, thus increasing the exercise possibilities even more.

This home gym even has a removable preacher curl pad for those big biceps of yours. Being able to remove the preacher curl pad is essential when you are using the Marcy MKM-81010 Stack Home Gym for other exercises. All in all, the Marcy MKM-81010 Stack Home Gym has a great many options when it comes to your weight training needs. You can work out virtually every muscle in your body with this one home gym.

You will also like how the Marcy MKM-81010 Stack Home Gym is nice and comfortable to use. The arm developers and handles all have good grips, making them easy to hold on to and exercise with reliability. Moreover, the dual function arm developer has nice foam padding, which is also true for the leg developer. All in all, this is a very comfortable home gym to consider purchasing..

There is a lot of variety with the HGX200. Several different variations set different goals wirking on all your muscle groups. In fact you are able to train almost all muscle thanks to exercises like rope pull, bench press and rowing. Make your exercise more engaging using: pull rod, triceps pull band, lat pull rod, pull handle and ankle cuffs. Simply apply the free ropes provided in the hooks and you are good to go! Different 12 plug-in weights are enclosed in the package box with a total weight of 55 kg. MULTISTATION: Educate all your muscle with just one machine. Outline and improve your biceps, chest, back, legs, belly, shoulder, triceps or buttocks. Over 30 workout available.

ONE FOR EVERYTHING: The multifunctional homestation provides a lat pulling tower, biceps curl bar, butterfly hands, leg curlers, weight bench and plenty of different highlights.
HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: The seat and back cushions are manufactured from high quality EVA material, which is additional water- resistant, hard-wearing and water-repellent guarantees an extremely delightful exercise.
EXTREME STURDY: Top of the range and complex generation make our multifunctional gym additional strong, solid and secure. The strong T-steel development makes any exercise completely secure.

SPACE SAVING: The smart construction and the extra wide legs distribute the weight evenly, protecting the floor. The extremely robust metal construction makes every exercise totally safe and enjoyable.

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