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Best gym equipment for weight loss

Which gym equipment is best for losing weight

We recognise the Gym as a place where you go with a list (or file nowadays!) with all the exercise you need best for losing weight.  So we do heavy lifting, a lot of crunches, twists and planks.

 Whilst this moves do help to create power and fit definition in abdominal muscles they do little to burn the farts on you waist.  Nowadays Gym containing aerobic and total body energy coaching and no longer focused on ab moves.

I attend the gym for nearly a year now, mainly using weights for most of the time and running for 100 – 200 K calories every session.  I do feel toned and belly flat but my weight did not decrease that much; however, I feel that running on the treadmill for 200 K calories, roughly 30 minutes, helps me to lose fat. For a certain period time, I was doing 37 MINUTES WORKOUT CARDIO WORKOUT AT HOME. 

This kind of training, called High-intensity interval training (HIIT) allows me to see good fitness results in brief time.

When you put effort on it (and discipline) you do not really to attend any gym and also It allows you to reach better results with just 37 minutes a session. 

On the other hand gym environment is good: being outside of your house/room, meet new people, the easy to use the latest equipments and machine.. makes the place enjoyable for your whole training and once again… reaching Good Fitness Results!

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