Why You Should Build Your Own Home Gym?

we research the best fitness equipment for your home training


Having your own home gym is the ultimate and feasible accessory for the fitness passionate. Thanks to the Internet and of a world with more supply than demand, It is easy to find best fitness equipment around and building your fitness environment right from your garage or room can be convenient. There are many advantages as well as disadvantages to take into account though:

Home Gym Advantage

    •  Save money. Your own home gym seems a big expense in comparison with your local gym membership. The monthly fee in the usual gym can cost between £50 to £100 per month or higher (it also depends on the package chosen), and paying for your own would cost the same money and in a matter of 6 months you are able to pay it off.
    • Save time. Reaching the place by your usual ten minutes walking distance, or driving there, park your car, pass the reception, get changed and begin your workout can be very time-consuming, without taking in consideration that maybe you need to wait in order to use a specific machine. All this inconvenience is not happening with your own gym. You do not need to look for a parking spot for your car or waiting for the machine to become available. Time is precious and be able to have a quick workout is ideal.
    • Privacy. If you do not go to your local gym because you don’t like training in front of other people through fear of embarrassment, for somebody complex or you do not like the environment.  Having your home “space”, working out at your home-gym can be a distinctive advantage.
    • Freedom. Do you want to workout with loud music listening to your best singer, no problem? Your favorite TV program is about to begin, no problem?  You will watch it while using the Smith Machine.  Your home gym allows you to control everything and also turning your workout more enjoyable with better results.  You can train whenever you like and don’t need to check holiday hours of the gym or other irregular time they need to be closed.

 Home Gym Disadvantage

    • It is going to take sometime to pay for a couple of thousand pounds for all the new equipment purchased even though the web can offer amazing price, suitable for whole pockets. May be with a bit of luck you can buy a decent gym equipment that can support most of your training for  £1000.
    • Of course, going to the gym would offer you more variety of machines and tools you can use without having any space limitation you may incur in your household.
    • Going to the gym gives you the opportunity to meet people and make new friends as well.  All these advantages cannot happen within your household.Having a home gym can be convenient and giving you freedom, but it isn’t for everyone. Some of us like drawing motivation from others and a gym is a good place to get that motivation and at the same time learning new techniques.  Beside, the gym offers professional classes to attend and It also becomes an opportunity to get to know new people.
    • If your equipment needs maintenance or break down you need to repair it yourself whilst.. the gym does it for you.
Personally, I like going to the gym mainly to go out from the house and seeing other people. I have tried both, (stay home and going to the gym) also buying a lot of equipment for my house training and although It is convenient giving me a lot of freedom, I still prefer go out and walking to the gym.
Below you find the best fitness tools,  affordable fitness equipment to buy and as a thank you for stopping by and browsing my website I am including my free weight loss guide for you to download.. which is (most of the time) the main goal for heading to the gym besides feeling good, generally.